Extract from the Foundation’s charter:

ECKENROTH FOUNDATION, Note of Approval Government
Offices Stuttgart 25th June 1993


§ 1 Name and Seat

The Foundation's name is

Eckenroth Foundation for Media Culture

It is a private non-profit foundation based in Heilbronn


§2 Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation exclusively and directly pursues purposes of public utility as defined by the chapter "Purposes with Tax Preferences" of the Tax Act.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote culture in the media with the goal of particularly initiating and promoting artistic endeavour in theatre, film and television, which constitutes a suitable means in overcoming the disparity between the scientific/technical and mental/emotional development of humanity.

The Foundation would like to encourage creative artists of the fields mentioned to reflect upon social problems in a joint effort, to allow insights to arise, and to make these public with the funds provided, so that solutions and means can be found to heal an uprooted humanity and a suffering planet.

So that these objectives can be achieved, the foundation can, in particular,

1. promote

cooperation between creative artists in the German-speaking world as

well as between authors and problem-oriented experts in the social sciences

and humanities.

2. provide

financial and intellectual support for young, motivated people in theatre,

film, in camera work, script-writing and directing.

3. award

prizes to creative artists whose works exemplify the objectives of the foundation.

4. finance theatre, film and television projects which accord with the Foundation's charter.



The Foundation

Talented writers’ competition and promotion programme for
boys and girls between 10-14 years of age
Public invitation in January
Closing date in May
Five highly renowned jurors will choose the ten best


The competition Nachwuchspreis Grüner Lorbeer®

2012 Switzerland
2011 Hesse
2010 Bavaria
2009 North Rhine-Westphalia
2008 - special competition -
2007 North Rhine-Westphalia
2006 Hesse
2005 Rhineland-Palatinate and Turingia
2004 North Rhine-Westphalia
2003 Baden Wurttemberg
2002 Bavaria
2001 Saarland / boarding schools throughout Germany
2000 Berlin / Brandenburg
1999 Hesse
1998 Rhineland-Palatinate – Launch after four years of preparation


The prize package

Publication of the story on the Foundation's website
The prize winners read their work at the Frankfurt book fair
First steps with the “method Eckenroth”, two-day writing course
A CD-ROM with an English story
Visit to the Goethe-Haus (Goethe’s birthplace) in Frankfurt
First laurel branch
A trophy
Formal award ceremony
€ 50 cash


The promotion programme Nachwuchspreis Grüner Lorbeer®

Regular writing courses in Eckenroth
True and made up stories
Authentic writing
First draft and revisions
The value of writing
Method, systematics, structure
Constructive criticism as feedback
Practical training at the theatre and in film & TV studios
Tours for authors
And many other things




If you want more information or if you would like to ponder over your ideas –
far away from every day's hectic, please call

Germany + 49 (0) 67 24 / 603 24 07 or email


Donations account:

Acc. no. : 044 44 30 00
Sort code: 620 700 24
Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE80?6207?0024?0044?4430?00
BIC (Swift): DEUT DE DB620

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